Reason why CHM department exist in the Adventist structure and how it impact the Church. 


Papua New Guinea Union Mission Children’s Ministries came into existent in 1978 but have been under Personal Ministries and Sabbath School until it came to be a stand-alone department in 1996.   

From it’s beginning the leaders have been concentrating on children’s Sabbath school and other areas of ministry to children.  

The purpose of this department: Is to oversee the work of spiritual nurturing and training for children within the home & church. 

Our commission: is to Lead and connect every child’s heart within our reach to Jesus. And lead them to be true disciple of Jesus.  

How it has impacted the church? We’ve had good leaders in our church and country because of our homes, church and school structure and programs that touched the lives of children. 

Vision was: The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. 


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